Buying a Home in Alberta, in this Economy Makes Sense for the Investor

The revival of the Keystone Pipeline has sparked the return of the Alberta economy. However along with the oil and gas industry a new industrial diversity is leading the way for Alberta’s new growth projections in 2018 and beyond.

We are seeing economic development and maturity that will be sustainable in Alberta. For real estate investors this is a very good sign. Renewed (if not feverous) interest in the province, especially in the core metropolises of Calgary and Edmonton, will result in a healthy future valuation of your property.

  • No provincial sales tax
  • Alberta is considered the sunniest province in Canada
  • West Edmonton Mall – Alberta is home to the largest shopping mall in North America
  • Top notch education – with so many excellent universities many outsiders flock to when pursuing a post-secondary education
  • Diversity – Extremely diverse province