Investment Opportunity

What are the opportunities, and how you can make them work for you?

  • Purchase Turn-key – Upgraded – Rented & Managed Properties with cap rates up to 14%
  • Acquire tired property in good locations, upgrade, & re-sell or rent
  • Become a primary lender earning up to 8% with 1st mortgage security on each property

The fastest way to financial independence is buying and holding property. This has been the process used by over 80% of the world’s millionaires and is still the most successful avenue to real financial success.

We provide our clients and investors with already upgraded properties, managed & tenanted, in the best rental districts in key cities, that bring in annual return rates from 8-14% while also benefiting from property value appreciation at annual rates of 6-10%.

The properties we provide in each city are based on quality of location and future growth & development for those areas. We specifically focus on those districts deemed to be in the future development plans of the city while already providing the qualities of a neighborhood owners & renters would come to expect with good schools, amenities, and easy access to transportation.

We currently work with large leading brokers in the US who provide great funding rates for investment property purchases and can assist our clients in getting the best rates possible for their investments.

We have already navigated the US process for building an investment company and we can assist you in building yours, so your company is safe and maximizing it’s returns for you while paying the least amount of taxes required.

Our goal is to assist our client’s in finding and acquiring the right investment properties for your investment portfolio, while always striving to exceed our client’s expectations.


Purchase of Turn-Key Upgraded & Managed Rental Homes

This process is by far the best approach to your financial success by acquiring upgraded 1 or 2 suite homes with cap rates from 8 – 14% annually. These homes will usually have upgraded hot water tanks, electrical, roofing, windows, siding & flooring which has covered most of the larger expenses on the home for the years to come.

These Turn-key homes may come with renters and often with the same tenant already living in the house for years. Reliable rental income, on a well upgraded home, is great piece of mind in building your wealth.

The last and very important piece to these rental homes is the whole package is provided with a professional management company managing your property for you, collecting the rent, inspecting the property, and over-all ensuring your investment is being well taken care of.

With annual net profits of 8-14%, coupled with property value increases by acquiring properties in the more desirable/popular districts of each city, you can expect up to 100% return on your investment within 4-6 years. “Imagine if you started out by purchasing 3-4 of these units” See our investment charts (Link)


Purchasing Tired Properties in Good Locations, Upgrade & Re-Sell

Buying a house that requires fixing up & renovations in desirable neighborhoods, then selling that property for a profit or renting the property out is an excellent way to develop your personal wealth.

You can upgrade the house to rental standards or upgrade the house for re-sale to someone looking for a good quality home in a quality neighborhood and in both cases make good money on the re-sale.


Becoming a Primary Lender

When you become a primary lender, the intention is to make your money work for you. This is what we consider the 3rd level of property investment.

You own your own home, you own secondary rental properties earning you good returns each year, and now you have a little disposable income that you want to make a higher return on than what the banks offer.

By becoming a primary lender, you are the one lending money to a purchaser of a home and that person is paying you 8% per annum for the mortgage on the property. You in turn have first position on the property and become the owner of that property should the borrower fail to meet their financial obligations. This allows you to earn a far higher rate of income on your money while also putting you in a position to take over ownership of the property should the borrower default at any time giving you a discounted purchase of that property.



The key to wealth through Real Estate is to get started by purchasing quality rental properties that allows a tenant to pay your mortgage for you in 7 years or less on average. Once you own 4 homes, you will earn enough in 2 years to own 1 of those homes outright.

The most important first step is to find the right home, in the right area, at the right price, with a quality management team in place. We do all that for you and more.

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