One of the Hottest real estate markets over the past 5 years in the US

Whether you are investing close to home, out-of-state or out of country, investments in Seattle real estate have paid huge dividends over the past 5 years.

For Seattle real estate, the trends are all looking positive for 2018:

The Seattle market will see at least 30,000 new residents per year over the next five years. (Total 150,000 increase) These new residents will create a higher demand on an already low inventory of properties in Seattle.

Seattle is home to many major tech & top Fortune 500 companies. It is forecast that there will be an increase in high paying tech jobs of 12%. This is twice the national average. This increase will lead to higher demand for rental properties.

Over the last 3 years new Seattle businesses have increased by 10.2% and the number of available jobs has also increased. This is predicted to continue and will further influence the prices of property in Seattle.

  • Traditional Single-Family Homes Cash on Cash Return: 2.25%
  • Traditional Single-Family Homes Rental Income: $2,382
  • Rapid Transit Construction to connect all the core cities into down town Seattle
  • The city has top ranking outdoor activities.
  • 93% of the residents of Seattle real estate have walkability to a green park.